Best Time to Transplant a Tree

We have heard a lot of customers say that their trees look much better in a different location. The reason can vary per person, but your tree might be overgrowing your home, or it simply looks more attractive in the front yard. The good thing is that you can have your tree moved to a more desirable location. 

However, just because you want to have your tree relocated doesn’t mean you can do it any time of the year. Just like other things, transplanting a tree warrants the right timing for it to come out successfully. The type of tree will determine the best time to transplant it. Moving your tree at the proper season will give it a fighting chance against transplanting shock and stress. 

Transplant Trees When They are in Dormant State

Transplanting is like pruning, which requires the right timing to get the best result. It is best to transplant trees when they are dormant, specifically in the spring or fall. Transplant the tree before the first frost in fall. In spring, replant the tree before the first bud. 

The Reason Behind Transplanting Trees in Dormant Season

Trees rely so much on their roots to transport nutrients and water to their branches and the part of the canopy. If you plan to transplant your tree when they are in full bloom, you will stunt its growth and fruit production. It will lead to the tree to struggle from transplant shock.

On the other hand, dormant trees are not as affected by transplanting because they have shed their foliage and fruits.  It also gives the roots ample time to establish and get as many nutrients it needs to get a good start next growing season. 

Is winter the best time to transplant trees?

While trees are dormant in winter, this is not the best time to transplant a tree. You will put your tree at risk of getting root damage, especially if the ground is frozen. The frost in the soil makes it even more difficult to transplant the tree. 

Is it the same for Oak, Maple, and fruit Trees?

Just like what we’ve mentioned earlier, the type of the tree determines the perfect timing for transplanting. While most trees should be relocated when they are dormant in spring or fall, you should still find the right window based on the species of your tree. Use the following guide to help you determine the best time to move your tree.

When to Transplant. . .

  • Pine and evergreen trees- Trees that belong in this species should be transplanted early in the fall.
  • Oak trees- It is best to transplant oak trees early in the spring. Ideally, you can move the tree between February and March. You can also choose a time before the growing season in your region.
  • Maple trees- The best time to relocate maple trees is when it starts to lose its leaves in the late fall. 
  • Fruit trees- Fruits trees should be transplanted before the budding season sets off.

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