Why Should You Plant Trees on Arbor Day?

Arbor Day is an annual holiday when groups and individuals are encouraged to plant trees as a means of beautifying gardens and lawns. In America, this holiday is celebrated in late March or early April. Although traditionally observed in the fall, the exact date may vary, depending upon the appropriate planting time and climate.

arbor day

Some of the most popular types of Arbor Day plants are those that are native to North America. In the early spring, American elm, azalea, and maple are the main species used to decorate yards and lawns. They also make wonderful centerpieces and feature prominently in decorations at holiday parties. Other common species that are planted during this season include willow, holly, and oak.

In Europe, there are two national days that are held to honor Arbor Day. The first is called Arbor Day. This is commemorated in many parts of Europe with different festivities that involve various plants. One popular type of plant that is planted to honor this holiday is the maple tree, which is used to create various arrangements and holiday gifts. Many people choose to use plants to decorate their gardens and lawns in order to add beauty to these areas. Trees, shrubs, and plants can be planted around a house or yard to give it a natural look and to make it inviting to walk through.

Trees can come in all shapes and sizes and are also used for different purposes. For example, some plants may be used as ornamentation to adorn porches or patio doors. Others may be used to shade small children from the sun. And, of course, trees can provide shade to those who enjoy a picnic spot by the pool, especially if the area is shaded by shrubs and other plants.

Arbor Day plants can also make great decorative pieces that adorn the top of porches. Some of the more common decorative pieces that can be made from shrubs are the evergreen pine tree or the fir tree. Other types of shrubs that can be added to a porch or patio are the holly, mistletoe, and pine cone. These types of plants can give a beautiful touch to any outdoor space.

The popularity of Arbor Day continues to grow throughout the United States. People have begun to turn their yards into special places where they can spend time with their families and friends. They want their gardens and lawns to be welcoming to everyone who visits them.